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Team Radical
Team Radical
Team Radical

Over the years you tend to build up quite a collection of equipment, especially whilst you are travelling around the competition scene.  For us, our time as Sky Dance allowed us to meet up with a lot of people.  We were fortunate enough to establish good relationships with a number of these people and this led to sponsorship and assistance being given to us.

Top of the Line

Most notable of all the relationships that we have had is that with Don & Pat Tabor at Top of the Line Kites.  They supported us as a team from an early stage and without them we would not have achieved half that we did.  The other people without which we would not have succeded are Erez Borowsky at Sky Shark and Daniel Prentice at Shanti.  Their support was also faultless and they provided us with everything neccessary to compete at an extremely high level.


Of course, there were other sponsors of great importance and these included: Whaam! Kites who supported us from the very beginning,  Revolution Kites who provided us with probably the best 4 line kites in the world and Bolle Sunglasses without whose assistance we would not have been able to spend anywhere near as long staring at the heavens.

The team would like to say a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and hope that they were as proud to sponsor us as we were to represent their companies and to promote their names across the globe!