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Sport Kite Flying

Since 1994 our major hobby has been Sport Kite Flying.  It is a wonderful hobby that has given us many hours of fresh air and excercise and has allowed us to make many friends all over the world. 

Sport Kite Flying is a sport that many people do not even know exists.  However, once you get involved, you discover that there is a whole world of activities going on that you did not know took place. 

We have been lucky enough to experience a great deal of this world first hand and have been very succesful at the same time.  Our success started when, along with a friend, we formed a team called Sky Dance.  This team went from strength to strength and provided us with some of the most exciting years of our life.

After the team came the pair Bi Dance.  Born from this succesful team, Bi Dance too had great success and still exists today.  We can often be seen practicing on our local beach in Southern California.

Perhaps the next chapter in our kite flying life has only just started.  We have recently joined a long established team called the Bay Area Sundowners and now travel the world doing displays with them.  We are also members of the Flying Squad, an International group of flyers with one common aim and the team Too Much Fun, which is our latest Californian creation.

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