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Over the past few years, many of the top pilots in the UK felt that they were spending all of their available free time flying kites.  Whilst they all enjoyed it, it became ever more difficult to make a permanent commitment to be at every event in the year and so many did not take part in any organised activities.  Recognising this to be the case, Stephen Hoath (ex Sky Dance) got together a number of these flyers and from this brainchild The Flying Squad was formed.

The concept of this team from the very beginning was to gather together enough pilots of a sufficiently high standard, to enable the team to commit to being at a large number of events during the year, but not requiring any one individual to be at them all.  The idea has worked and the team can be seen demonstrating both 2 and 4 line flying at events all over Europe.  Shortly before leaving the UK, we were fortunate enough to be asked to join this team and have flown with them at a couple of events. 

We look forward to flying with the team again upon our return to the UK, but for now we hold the fort in the US, awaiting the arrival of any of our fellow team members, wishing to fly in somewhat sunnier skys!