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Sky Dance, Airkraft, Air de Rien, Kite-o-Holix, Fun Unlimited, Keops, Tsunami, Aftershock, were just some of the names that filled the scoreboards of the kiting World.  This was an era filled with great teams and we were fortunate enough to be part of it.  From a number of these great teams pairs were formed, to demonstrate when the whole team was not available and maybe even to compete in their own right.  These were such pairs as Just 4 Fun (from Kite-o-Holix), Paire de Rien and Pairkraft to name just a few. Sky Dance too was caught up in this evolution and so from the team, pair Bi Dance was born.

Bi Dance consists of Mark & Jeanette Lummas and began solely as a pair to demonstrate when Stephen was not available.  However, it wasn't long before we too were sucked in by the excitement of competition, entering the UK national championships.  Initially we made use of our team equipment and only took part in Dual line competitions.  However, it soon became apparent to us that to compete seriously we were going to have to trade in our Northshore Radicals, which

Bi Dance with our new Lithiums
Bi Dance - the early Lithium years!

had served the team so well, for something more "radical". By this time we had become good friends with the French kite manufacturer L'Atelier and were fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from them. This left us flying the much smaller and more nimble L'Atelier Excess.  The kite did us great service and enabled us to push our flying to a much higher level.  As with all manufacturers though, L'Atelier were not ones to rest on their laurels.  Not satisfied with the Excess, they set out to

design a full size team kite that would be precise, but would also be capable of doing all of the latest radical moves.  This has been the quest of many a designer, but eventually it actually happened.  With the launch of the Lithium, L'Atelier truly succeeded were many others had not.  We were lucky enough to be provided with a full set of these kites and went in to competition with a new confidence and style.  We still fly these kites now and have yet to find any other to match it's abilities.

After proving ourselves as strong competitors in the European Dual line pairs circuit, we decided it was time to try our hand with Quad line.  Sky Dance had been sponsored by Revolution, so we already had quad line kites.  We were lucky enough to be able to continue this support with the pair, so we set out to prove ourselves in the quad line field.  This we did, winning both the UK and European titles in the same year, and qualifying twice for the World Sport Kite Championships (which sadly never took place).

Bi Dance is very much alive and we can regularly be seen polishing our routines on the beaches of Southern California.  We have been very successful in a very short time and none of this would have been possible without the help of our sponsors.  We would very much like to thank them all for the great support that they have given us and hope that we can continue to make them proud.

Bi Dance California style!

Best wishes until we meet on a flying field some day Bi Dance!