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After flying for over 5 years with team Sky Dance, we built up some very good relationships with our sponsors.  A number of these sponsors were therefore more than happy to continue supporting us when we decided to continue flying as a pair.  This was very important, since top quality competition demands top quality equipment and this is what we had provided by: Top of the Line Kites, SkyShark rods, Laser Pro kite lines, Bolle sunglasses, Whaam! kites and Revolution kites.

Top of the Line
Laser Pro

This equipment got us off to a great start, but during a trip to a French festival, Mark tried a kite being flown by a local pilot and immediately fell in love with it.  So much so, that he spoke to the manufacturer and organised buying one! This kite was an Excess, manufactured by the French company L'Atelier.


Having got one Excess, it wasn't long before we discovered how good the kite was to use for pairs.  From these humble beginnings, we developed a very nice relationship with L'Atelier and are now lucky enough to be sponsored by them. 1999 saw the launch of another excellent kite in the

L'Atelier range, the Lithium. Pictured to the right, the Lithium is the ultimate in combining precision and trickability.  Since it's launch it has sold extremely well and at one of it's first kite festivals in France, 90% of the weekends demos were flown using a Lithium.  Bi Dance have been quick to seize this new opportunity and have been flying the Lithium since soon after it's launch.  It has allowed us to bring a whole new style to our flying and has added a new excitement to routines.  We hope to be flying the Lithium in demonstrations and comptitions for many years to come.


We owe a great deal to all of our sponsors and would like to thank them for all of their support. 
We intend to be flying kites well in to the future and hope that we continue to make them all proud!