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Team "Too Much Fun" consists of Mark & Jeanette Lummas and Ron Despojado.  The team was formed in January 2001 along with an additional flyer Susan Shampo, to represent the USA in Malaysia for the World Sport Kite Championships. The event never took place but the team decided to continue to fly together because practicing together was just "TOO MUCH FUN".  

The team initially intended to fly only as a quad line team but has since moved on to become one of the few multi-discipline stunt kite teams in the world.   The team's repertoire includes distinct individual performers, 2 separate "pairs" combinations, as well as a three person team.  

Team TOO MUCH FUN performs at events throughout the United States and has also recieved invitations to overseas events.  Some of the locations that we have visited include:

Venice Beach, Seal Beach, San Ramon, Merced, Huntington Beach, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Morro Bay, Pismo Beach, Albuquerque and Brookings Harbor and also Dieppe, France.

TOO MUCH FUN perform with both dual and quad line kites and have been lucky enough to team up with some of the best kite manufacturers in the World.  The dual line kite of choice is the  L'Atelier Lithium, giving excellent, precise performance, in all conditions, whilst being incredibly capable of all of the latest tricks.  And where would the kites be without spars!  For TOO MUCH FUN, their is only one spar to choose and that is Sky Shark.  Members of the team have sworn by it for many years and it never lets them down. For quad line, what other kite could there be than the Revolution 1.5 SLE.  It has the crisp, precise performance that is required for team flying, whilst retaining the grace and smooth movement desired to execute a moving ballet performance. 

Team TOO MUCH FUN would like to thank all of these companies for their continued support!

Team TOO MUCH FUN do not compete as a team, despite the fact that all members have achieved great success on the competitive circuit.  Instead they focus their efforts solely on creating enjoyable and memorable performances for the crowds of spectators that come to watch!

Too Much Fun had to say good bye to Susan this year, as she moved across the country, but we wish her well and will think of her as we continue to fly.

The team is still expanding it's repertoire and will be attending many events throughout the coming years.  Keep your eyes open and maybe you will spot a group of flyers in the sky near you having TOO MUCH FUN!!